Examples of Struggle – Origins of Species Chp 3

Struggles with similar businesses and businesses in different industries are similar except which level the struggle happens on. For this reason I have grouped the possible problems together.

All struggles develop from a change in the Physical Environment (Primary Struggle). When businesses start to adapt to these changes they create a Ripple Affect which creates struggle for other businesses (Secondary Struggle). The way you deal with these two problems is different. Finding your struggle is the first step to succeeding; next find out how to deal with it. (This is not an exhaustive list but it will give you an idea to start from)

A: Primary Struggle: 

-New laws are passed
-Interest Rates

Population Density:
-Local amenities
Technology adoption lifecycle

-Climate, weather,
-Seasonal change,
-Natural Disasters
-Resource Depletion

-New Research Produced

B: Secondary Struggle:

-Methods of distribution, supply, communication, advertising, purchasing

-Expanding into your market
-Repositioning their competitive advantage
-Price change
-With better quality
-With better service
-With more value

-Supply or Distribution Trouble



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