95% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years. If this was our infant fatality rate, there would be an uproar. How have we developed as a species to grow from embryos to adults? How have species evolved over millions of years to become efficient growth machines? How can we use this time tested growth system to ensure that our businesses flourish?

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Business Tools
Business Models: 4 Steps to Quick and Easy Business Models
Opportunities for Interaction: Intro
Minimum Paying Customer
Stranger to Minimum Paying Customer
Ideal Client
Minimum Paying Customer to Ideal Client
Origin of Species (Learning from Evolution)
Ch 1: Creating Value In Business
Ch 2: Quantifying Businesses
5 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Business Taxonomy
Ch 3: Beat Your Struggle
3 Easy Steps to Maximize Your Advantages
-Examples of Struggle
-Overcoming Struggle, Real World Examples
17 Reasons Groups Produce Results
Ch 4: 15 Questions For REAL Feedback
5 Ways To Implement Adaptability
8 Benefits To Business Reproduction
Make Your Business Sexy
4 Steps To Build Quality And Diversity
-Diversity Product Example
Know Your Market
4 Adaptation Strategies That Will Boost Your Quality
5 Ways To Cause Global Business Change Locally
Embryology (Learning from Ourselves)
Intro: Embryonic and Business Life-cycles
Week 1: Is the World Ready For You?
Prepping Your Environment
Week 2: Expanding Your Community
Evolutionary Levels (Learning from Basic Structure)
The Basics
The Next Level
What We Can Learn
Growth System Maturity


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